Vilket religionskunskapsämne? Ämneskonstruktioner i religionskunskap på gymnasiet med samtalsförhandlingar i centrum

Detta är en avhandling från Karlstad : Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: This thesis aims to describe one educational sequence in religious education.  The study shows articulations and negotiations in the religious education classroom, as well as on digital discussion forums. Two questions are the core of the explorative case study. What is communicated between teachers and students in a Re-classroom in Sweden? How does the content of the communication contribute to constructing the Re-subject in two different discussion forums: digital and analogue? The case study follows an upper secondary school class, with 18 years old students, during one teaching sequence.The theoretical foundation is based in a social-cultural perspective. Data is produced by ethnographic methods and consist of classroom observations and interviews with teachers and students. For the interpretation of speech Even’s relief theory is used concerning what is said and Michel Bakhtin’s thoughts on speech genre concerning how it is expressed and negotiated in the teaching sequence.The analysis of the different forums show that in all of them, teachers and students tend to focus on what religious persons do, their appearance, and how they are limited by their faith. The religious persons are compared to a way of living according to a secular norm that the students find more relevant and up-to-date. When speaking of religious persons the students tend to express it in a derisive and disparaging way. Negotiations on content and framework factors interrupt the actual teaching in the classroom environment whilst digital forums are self-regulating and discussions quickly return to the topic after irrelevant digressions.In the discussion part of the thesis the various discussion forums are evaluated didactically. The impact of gender and framework factors on the student-teacher discussions is also raised. An additional question that is problematized is the tension between the curriculum of the subject and the teacher’s desire to get students interested in religion as a subject, described as ‘the teacher’s dilemma’. It is discussed whether this dilemma controls the teacher’s choice of subject.