Pluripolar Sets and Pluripolar Hulls

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Matematiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: For many questions of complex analysis of several variables classical potential theory does not provide suitable tools and is replaced by pluripotential theory. The latter got many important applications within complex analysis and related fields. Pluripolar sets play a special role in pluripotential theory. These are the exceptional sets this theory. Complete pluripolar sets are especially important. In the thesis we study complete pluripolar sets and pluripolar hulls. We show that in some sense there are many complete pluripolar sets. We show that on each closed subset of the complex plane there is continuous function whose graph is complete pluripolar. On the other hand we study the propagation of pluripolar sets, equivalently we study pluripolar hulls. We relate the pluripolar hull of a graph to fine analytic continuation of the function. Fine analytic continuation of an analytic function over the unit disk is related to the fine topology introduced by Cartan and to the previously known notion of finely analytic functions. We show that fine analytic continuation implies non-triviality of the pluripolar hull. Concerning the inverse direction, we show that the projection of the pluripolar hull is finely open. The difficulty to judge from non-triviality of the pluripolar hull about fine analytic continuation lies in possible multi-sheetedness. If however the pluripolar hull contains the graph of a smooth extension of the function over a fine neighborhood of a boundary point we indeed obtain fine analytic continuation.

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