Det riskabla engagemanget : Om regenerativ utveckling av mänskliga resurser, eldsjälar och ledarskap i radikal utveckling

Sammanfattning: This thesis concentrates on the consequences of strong commitment⁄ Engagement in contemporary work. The aim of the thesis is to Build knowledge on regeneration and development of human resources. The empirical research consists of three case studies mainly Based on interviews: two are explorative studies on four strongly Committed champions within two projects of radical reorganisation. The third Empirical study is exploring one strongly engaged champion within an extensive Business rationalisation. The two first case studies were originally set for Other research and are therefore analyzed secondarily here. The case studies indicate that the strong commitment that is needed in contemporary Work is problematic when crises arise. The commitment and energy Tend to reduce quickly in bad managed crises. In order to break an evil Circle of energy loss the manager’s support is central, and also the possibility to Learn from experiences in an acceptable climate.