Lifetime measurements of excited states in 165Lu and 107Cd

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Fysik

Sammanfattning: Measuring lifetimes of excited nuclear states can give important information on the internal structure of the nucleus. This thesis is based on two experiments performed in Italy and in the USA in order to deduce the lifetimes of excited states in 165Lu and 107Cd. The lifetimes were measured using the Recoil Distance Method and the reduced transition probabilities between states have been calculated from the lifetimes in a model independent way. In the analysis of the data from the experiment on 165Lu, the shape of the nucleus is investigated using a collective rotational model to describe the observed excited states. A possibility of a triaxial shape of this nucleus is discussed. In the second experiment the obtained reduced transition probabilities for the nucleus 107Cd are compared to theoretical predictions for vibrational and rotational excitation modes