Design, Fabrication and Testing of Functional Single Pores for Bio-Detection Applications

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Fysikum

Sammanfattning: Chemically functionalized and size-tunable apertures constitute a platform of choice for bio-organism sensing. Apertures were fabricated on pre-patterned silicon platforms using focused ion beam (FIB) drilling, followed by local oxide (TEOS) deposition. Functionalization of the nanopore surfaces was then achieved by self-assembled monolayer chemistry. Ionic flow measurements recorded through single nanopores at each stage of the device preparation allowed to demonstrate the open nature of the channels and to follow the aperture functionalization process step by step. The chemical selectivity of the DNA-functionalized devices was investigated by measuring the duration and amplitude of the ion current blockade events generated by single DNA-functionalized beads electrophoretically driven through the apertures. Future applications include the selective detection of bacteria and viruses.

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