Så görs etnicitet : äldreomsorgspersonal resonerar om etniska relationer

Sammanfattning: This text deals with the concept of ethnic relations in elderly care and the created meanings of ethnicity. A study is carried out through group discussions for elderly care staff and constitutes the empirical material. The thesis argues that (1) the concept of care is a discursive formation produced by ethical and moral values that form requirements for the caring subject to become respectable and how the caring work is to be correctly done. (2) Influenced by postcolonial theories of race and ethnicity, ethnic relations are seen as imaginative constructs through which we identify others and ourselves. This means that ethnicity is a social process constantly in movement where the meaning of self-identity is always a question of looking at the other. (3) The notion of identity is created via representations and seen as a product of social knowledge. (4) Doing gender has become a critical and widespread concept in feminist theory and gender research. The central argument of this text is to implement the research on the concept of ethnicity and thus allow for the idea of doing ethnicity. This analysis makes it possible to understand how ethnicity and ethnic relations are ongoing social processes through which notions of identity are formed. The discursive formations of care and the construction of the caring subject are mobilised to intersect with notions of gender and ethnicity. The elderly care staff consciously and unconsciously taps into these formations of exclusion and inclusion.

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