Produktivitetsmätningar som förbättringsverktyg : en kartläggning av arbetsproduktivitetsmätningar på svenska byggarbetsplatser

Sammanfattning: The Swedish construction industry has over the last few years been criticized for its high increase of production costs, poor quality and low productivity. Productivity improvements within the Swedish construction industries are lower than that of other comparable industries. Some researcher argue that two thirds of production activities in the construction industry do not produce value and causes low productivity improvement.The purpose of this research was to investigate types of labour performance in order to improve the production process in the Swedish construction industry. The study focused on measuring labour productivity as labour wages constitute a large part of the production cost.Five benchmarking studies were performed within companies and organisations outside of the traditional Swedish construction industry to examine their work process as far as improving labour productivity is concerned. Later a survey was performed among 74 respondents in five Swedish construction companies to investigate their ways of using labour productivity measurements. Finally five senior executive officials were interviewed to find out their point of view in the field of developing productivity in their companies.The result shows that measurement of labour productivity has an important role within the Swedish construction companies. The key factors to succeed in productivity improvement are the measurement of labour productivity and the follow-up of the results obtained. It is important that company management conveys the importance of improving productivity to all levels in the company.