Struktur, handling och rumslig morfologi : Två fall av förnyelse och byggande i urban miljö

Sammanfattning: The dissertation addresses problems concerning relations between decentralised welfare and centralised planning and building authorities as central matters in the public sector on communal level. Problems concerning relations between public planning and private market according to building are also focused. The study is based on Durkheim's macrosociology, social epistemology, and sociology of knowledge, developing an analysis model built upon Mary Douglas' grid-group typology, new-durkheimian theory of ritual action and urban semiotics. Key concepts are cosmologies, social welfare, market, and claims for influence on the process of physical planning. The analysis is made in relation to changes in welfare state perspective on macro level.The study's empirical material is collected from documents, official statistics, and interviews with essential actors in public sector and private enterprises, reflecting renewal efforts and of new planning.Decentralization of public decision-making evolves claims of local influence as results of new insights and knowledge among local professionals and politicians as results of new cooperation. Emancipation and ambivalence in relation central-local are consequences. Increased participation from private market on planning and building reflect knowledge-based differences and tensions due to their respective cosmological belonging. Changes in the post-war welfare sector are reflected in accumulated problems in a neighbourhood-area. Decarceration is reflected as normalisation in ordinary housing. On urban level, this reflects increased morphological, as well as socio-economical differentiation. Theoretically is discussed the possible expansion of grid-group typology through integrating concepts of action, of structure, and of spatial morphology (semiotics), called intra- and inter cosmological phenomena.

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