Dimmer på Upplysningen text, form och formgivning

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Nilleditions

Sammanfattning: The main part of the dissertation is a text. The other is an exhibition mainly presenting a bow-lathe and some furniture designed and produced in that bow lathe. Interior- and furniture design are disciplines in which sensory qualities are important. Within these disciplines there are well established methods and languages for developing these qualities. However, such development has rarely been achieved through the medium of text. Sensory qualities tend to be ignored in highly textualized knowledge environments. Within education textualized knowledge is often valued higher than forms of knowledge developed through other medias than text. This situation has led to a dichotomized perception of knowledge where textualized knowledge attained through writing and conceptualizing, is valued higher than knowledge developed through physical work. The thesis argues that this hierarchical view on different forms of knowledge also has an influence on the practical profession of the designer, manifest in the paradoxical situation where the form aspects of design is neglected and over shadowed by various forms of textualized knowledge. The central research question posed in the text part is: Which adverse effects might an increasing emphasis on textualized theory have on the design practices? The questions are highlighted from perspectives such as; epistemology, tradition, history and power.The central research question in the exhibition part examines if any possible negative effects on design resulting from the above mentioned scenario, may be prevented through engaging in a highly physical and non-conceptual design- process? The purpose of the exhibition part is to introduce methods and design that may provide the impetus for further development in the fields of design. The bow lathe is presented as an example of a productive tool for the development of relevant contemporary design.

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