Some Aspects on Contamination Control in Hospitals- Observations and Measurements

Sammanfattning: Measurements of the cleanliness level have been performed in operating rooms classified as tissue and cells establishments for bone tissue to compare the results with the requirements given in the Tissue and Cells Directives of the European Union (EUTCD). The results show that the requirements are not always fulfilled. Common deficiencies in maintenance of e.g., HEPA filters are reported.   A theoretical study describes the influence of door-openings to the microbial air cleanliness of ultraclean air operating rooms for infection prone surgery. The results explain why door openings sometimes increase the level of airborne bacteria-carrying particles in the operating rooms. Temperature differences increase the air volume flows through the door openings and differences in concentration levels increase the contamination risks.   A comparison is presented between airborne cleanliness requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing (EU GMP Annex 1) and recommendations for ultraclean air operating rooms and differences are discussed