Modelling soil temperature and carbon storage changes for Swedish boreal forests

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Mark och vatten

Sammanfattning: With the use of a process-orientated ecosystem model andmeasurements conducted at different Swedish coniferous forestsites, abiotic and biotic interactions between tree and soilwere identified and related to governing factors. Two differentmodelling approaches to describe soil temperatures at two sitesincluding hydrological transects were tested (I). The approachin which both canopy and soil were considered proved to be amore flexible tool to describe soil temperatures, especiallyduring snow-free winter periods. Five sites along a climatetransect covering Sweden were used to describe soil carbon poolchanges during an 80-year period simulation (II). The dynamicmodelling approach, with a feedback between abiotic and bioticsub-models, was successful in describing simplified patterns offorest stand dynamics and furthermore in differentiatingbetween climate and nitrogen availability factors. The largereffect of nitrogen availability compared to climate on soilcarbon pool changes was clearly shown.Keywords:SPAC; soil surface energy balance; Norwayspruce; canopy; LAI; climate; nitrogen; CoupModel