"Hade jag inte läst de där artiklarna -" : barnmorskors förhållningssätt till användning av forskningsresultat inom omvårdnad

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Sammanfattning: The starting point for this dissertation was the interest in dissemination and utilization of research-based knowledge in practice. The interest in research utilization in USA has spread to nursing from foremost the social sciences. In Sweden there are some studies in research utilization from different fields. The aim of the study was to explore, describe and understand midwives’ approaches to midwifery research utilization. The study is of a phenomenographic character using contextual analysis, which explores the aspects and components of the investigated phenomenon and their relations to each other and to the phenomenon as a whole. The theoretical perspective is that research utilization involves learning to know and to act. Twenty-two (22) midwives participated in the empirical investigation. Data were collected through in-depth interviews. The analysis had an exploratory, descriptive and interpretative character and was carried out in several phases. The main result is four qualitatively different categories describing approaches to research utilization. Category A/ professional; Category B/ realistic; Category C/ personal and Category D/ considerate approach. With a professional approach using results from midwifery research in practice is natural. With a realistic approach it is important to understand in which way the research findings improve midwifery practice. With a personal approach it is crucial to feel comfortable with the research findings. With a considerate approach the midwives compare the scientific research with their approved experience. The study shows that it is possible for the midwives to use midwifery research findings within their field of professional competence. In order to promote a homogeneous approach to research utilization and a research utilization culture in the midwifery practice, it is, in line with the results in this thesis, essential for midwives; a/ to consider continuous seeking for new information as natural, b/ to increase the understanding of ways of expressing research-based knowledge and how this knowledge benefits practice, c/ to be confident in the professional role as midwife and d/ to be critical in examining new research findings in comparison with approved experience.

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