Exploring and predicting DNA template dependent variation in transcription

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Uppsala universitet

Sammanfattning: Reliable transmission of information from DNA to proteins is a pre-requisite for all life, where substitution errors in the polypeptide chain may arise from transcription, aminoacylation of tRNAs or translation. The fidelity control mechanisms in transcription have nevertheless received little attention, based on the assumption that the transcriptional error is masked by the translational error. This thesis shows how accuracy theory can be applied to transcription to elucidate the principles of transcriptional accuracy. The DNA template dependent transcriptional accuracy variation is studied through modelling based on transition state theory, using thermodynamic properties of the nucleic acids in the transcription bubble. The models show that the error frequency variation in transcription causes it to surpass the translational error in some sequence contexts, making transcription a significant source of amino acids substitution errors.

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