Lärarens yrkeskunnande : bildning och reflekterade erfarenheter

Sammanfattning: The Teacher’s Skills – Liberal Education and Reflected Experience is a case study of the practical skills of teachers, in which the responsible action is central. This is an action which, while informed by science, cannot be fully determined by it, since the circumstances that relate to the interaction between teacher and students cannot always be fully predicted. With Liberal Education, reflection on experience, and trained intuition, the teacher bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and the unforeseen and immediate demands of the situation. The role of Liberal Education in this ambition cannot be overestimated. To be a part of such a practice is to dedicate one’s life to a struggle with language. Therefore, insights into the theory of knowledge and the philosophy of language, as well as analogies with literature and other professional fields, help us examine the glasses through which we observe and interpret reality in order gain greater knowledge. It is in the reflective dialogue, where we meet others with whom we are not always in agreement, that we can see ourselves, our knowledge and our prejudices. The interpretation and re-interpretation of our experience in the light of the experience of others is the bridge across which we can escape from our imprisonment on the island of convenience. Once the teacher has developed a consistency in his actions, his skills can be acknowledged. When these skills are raised to the level of a style, they become an art. The main purpose of this case study is to describe the teacher’s skills; how it can be developed, and the conditions required for its assessment. A possible assumption is that reflection on our own experience and the experience of others can give us insights into ourselves, an essential prerequisite to striking the spark that motivates the investment of time and resources in the development of one’s skills as a teacher