Att möjliggöra tekniklärande i konstruktionsaktiviteter : En aktionsforskningsstudie i förskolan

Sammanfattning: This dissertation examines how technology learning is made possible through teacher-led construction activities in preschool. The dissertation also examines how the preschool teachers’ role and the design of the construction activities were affected by different historical and societal structures as well as the collaboration between research and practice.The dissertation is based on an action research study that was carried out with a group of preschool teachers in two preschool units. In order to develop the preschool practice, the group carried out three different construction activities that were videotaped and analyzed.The results of the dissertation indicate that the preschool teachers used a number of different technology didactic tools to support the children in their technology learning. At the same time, the results show that some children were given much more input in the problem-solving process that took place during the activities, while other children did not have that much of an opportunity for such influence. Both the children's ability to come up with suggestions for solutions and the preschool teachers' confirmation of the children played an important role in this process. The results also indicate that the preschool teachers' assumptions about technology, about the children, about the preschool and about their own role in the activities influenced their actions. The study shows that the design of the activities may be influenced by the history of construction activities in preschool, as well as the gender coding of the technology.In summary, this study indicates that taking on the role of the active and guiding adult in a construction activity is just the first step in creating activities that are as inclusive as possible. The preschool teacher also needs to reflect on how the staging of these activities facilitates or limits children's different actions. It is also important to understand how different choices (e.g., activities, tools, materials) affect the activities that are staged.The dissertation also shows that there may be tension between the researcher and the participants in an action research project in preschool. There may be power structures between researchers and participants that are not entirely easy to handle.

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