Rättslig operationalisering av företags samhällsansvar : Särskilt om avtalsrätt, köprätt, konsumentköprätt, marknadsföringsrätt och aktiebolagsrätt

Sammanfattning: The main objective of this thesis is to explore and describe the possibilities for legal operationalization of CSR in contract law, sales law and consumer sales law, marketing law and company law. A supplementary aim is to identify regulation on and illustrate the regulatory context of CSR. The illustration provides a background and a framework for the main objective of the study, as well as confirms the legal relevance of CSR.Legal operationalization of CSR requires that CSR is anchored in law and that there are mechanisms for enforcement available. In contract law, CSR is legally anchored when a CSR condition follows from a contract. In a Swedish sales law context, legal anchoring takes place when a buyer’s expectation regarding CSR is not met and this is considered a defect, fel. From a marketing law point of view, the possibilities to consider a CSR statement an unfair commercial practice are relevant. In a company law context, CSR is legally anchored when included in the articles of association, in an instruction from the general meeting or the board, in the board’s internal guidelines or in the remuneration guidelines of the company. In all, contract parties, shareholders and the board are “strong” legal subjects, in that they are able to proactively formulate and anchor CSR norms in law. In company law, the understanding of the company’s interest and purpose, as well as the business case for CSR and the understanding of profit create borders within which the company law operationalization of CSR functions. Sales law and marketing law offer retroactive tools to market actors. The possibilities to anchor CSR in marketing law are vast, whereas the applicability of the sales law rules to a large extent is dependent on the connection between the (failed) CSR expectation and the sold goods. The remedies in the explored areas of law typically do not protect the CSR interest in question directly.

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