Tid för tillit : Kritiska ögonblick i rektorers vardagsarbete

Sammanfattning: This study focuses on principals’ leadership in the light of trust as a natural phenomenon. Trust has earlier been seen as a factor in management and organizations to create results. However, what leadership actions that principals and teachers perceive contribute to this trust has not been studied in a Swedish school context. The purpose is to contribute to a deepened knowledge of what in everyday situations that are perceived to contribute to trust between principals and teachers. Taking the theoretical framework from Løgstrup as a point of departure, interviews with six principals and fourteen teachers have been conducted. At first, the principals were interviewed about situations they perceived had trust in the relation with teachers. Secondly, teachers were interviewed about the same situation. The analyses point to that principals’ attitude affect the way they act. This attitude toward the other could be central on how principals create a space in their relations to teachers where trust can exist, use time to the other and interact in the situation. The study contributes to a deeper understanding of an interacting leadership that create a space for trust in the relations between principals and teachers.