Delade meningar : Om värdepedagogiska invitationer för barns inflytande och inkännande

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Pedagogiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet

Sammanfattning: In two studies efforts to enhance children’s possibilities to participate and to improve the school as a social meeting place are followed. The first focuses on a three year project, aimed to work out new forms for pupils (grades 6-9) to participate in the school organization. The second study follows younger children (grades 1-5) in specific lessons where social dilemmas are discussed and solved, which can be characterized as social and emotional learning.Both studies concern the school’s option to handle the child fostering to individual actors, their independence and  ability to take part through ’self-expression’, and at the same time instill the society’s ‘common value system’. By following pedagogical interventions by participant observations and interviews, it appears that there is little interest to let the children get involved out of their own questions and problem definitions. In the participation project it appears that children often are rather strictly directed by adults, and they are not so often let to use their critical and reflective thinking. In the second study each exercise is scrutinized for what it affords the children. Also these results show that the underlying intentions are not to create pedagogical conditions that support communication that involves the children’s own perspectives and interests, in an ‘exploratory’ speech in learning about one’s self, about the other and the world. The children’s resistance to perform properly can be seen as a way to recapture some of their autonomy to break the ‘ritualized' communication. In both studies children’s use of a field of free action is restricted.The interventions are analyzed through the concept of intersubjectivity and of child perspective. I conclude that the basis for why and how these efforts are done can be seen in a cultural childhood narrative: they are in certain aspects seen as ‘not yets’ despite the late modern emphasis on competence and  responsibility.

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