Pulse propagation in photonic crystals and nonlinear media

Sammanfattning: The present thesis is devoted to theoretical studies of light pulse propagation through different linear and nonlinear media. One dimensional holographic photonic crystals and one dimensional impurity band based photonic crystals are investigated as linear media. The effects of angular dependence of the band structures and pulse delay with respect to the light polarization are analyzed. A strict theory of nonlinear propagation of a few strong interacting light beams is presented and applied in the field of nonlinear optics. The key idea of this approach is a self-consistent solution of the nonlinear wave equation and the density matrix equations of the material beyond the so-called rotating wave approximation. The results of numerical studies led to a successful interpretation of recent experimental data [Nature, 415:767, 2002]. A theoretical study of the NO molecule by means of two-color infrared -- X-ray pump probe spectroscopy is presented. It was found that the phase of the infrared field strongly influences the trajectory of the nuclear wave packet, and hence, the X-ray spectrum. The dependence of the X-ray spectra on the delay time, the duration and the shape of the pulses are studied.