I skärningspunkten mellan arbetsliv och föräldraskap : En studie om livsformer i 1990-talets Sverige

Sammanfattning: The central problem area of this dissertation concerns the connection between working life and parenthood. The main purpose is to develop an analytical strategy which validity is determined by the extent to which it can consider and cover the complexity of the con-ditions and practices of everyday life for working parents. Starting in an understanding of the concept life-mode as a sensitizing concept, an analytical model is developed and a Boolean approach is used to study the complex interrelation between working life and parenthood. In the dissertation the relationship between working life and parenthood is studied focusing on the work place. Parenthood, organization and gender are three key concepts which direct the analysis of the organizational forms everyday life take on. The empirical material of the dissertation comes from a questionnaire survey carried out in Sweden in 1992. The material consists of nine occupational groups, divided in women and men. A qualitative comparative method, developed by Charles C. Ragin, is used to compare organization-based adjustment situations. The factors of the analytical model are presented in binary form and tested against empirical data. The results are presented as equations that reflect the com-plexity of the interrelations between working life and parenthood through conjunctures of causal conditions, i e leading position, the dominance of one of the sexes at departmental level, children-specific scope of action, general scope of action, and the outcome, i e different adjustment strategies used by parents. The division of the adjustment strategies in three degrees of imposed restrictions on the work situation : everyday actions, smaller restrictions and bigger changes of the work situation : is an attempt to account for the size of the work and family circles. (In Swedish with an English summary)

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