Har nutida fysik religiös relevans? : En undersökning av hur fysikaliska teorier indirekt relateras till religiösa utsagor genom metafysiska antaganden med fysikalisk anknytning

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: A prerequisite of the reasoning carried out in this dissertation is that scientific theories as such do not have any logical implications for religion. How can it be then that certain scientific theories, among them physical ones, nevertheless seem to be religiously relevant?One possible answer to this question is that the relevance between contemporary scientific theories and theistic/atheistic ideas is indirect, meaning that it is based upon metaphysical suppositions which presumably are in some way connected with scientific theories.In order to assess the credibility of the answer given above, the investigation examines certain physical theories and hypothesis which often figure in contemporary discussions of science and religion.The examination proves that metaphysical suppositions really are used in order to adjust physical knowledge with religious ideas and these suppositions are, broadly speaking, metaphysical interpretations of physical theories. Even though scientific theories as such say nothing about religious matters, they can indirectly have an influence on religious ideas. This is so because the descriptions of the empirical world provided by a scientific theorycan be subjected to metaphysical interpretations and these interpretations, in turn, can be associated with religious conceptions of the natural world.

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