Likvärdig bedömning i musik : lägesbeskrivning av arbete med likvärdig bedömning av musikaliska kunskaper i grundskolans obligatoriska musikkurs

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KMH-förlaget

Sammanfattning: A major dilemma for music teachers in Sweden is that the educational system since 15 years dictates that local adaptations should be made, since all students shall be assessed equivalently. In this study I have examined what strategies music teachers have in the grading process, and specifically how they do to grade equivalently. Previous research shows that Swedish music teachers have difficulties when it comes to make use of regulatory documents. Working conditions for Swedish music teachers also often differ from other teacher groups (e.g. it is usually only one music teacher at a school) and therefore, and because of the fact that the area is largely unexplored, new knowledge and understanding is needed.The thesis consists of two parts: A web survey (quantitative and qualitative parts) and core questions in the survey (on how to grade equivalently in music). I emanate in my reasoning from a music teacher’s awareness but with an open approach. With socioculture influences and a critical approach I question the prevailing circum- stances. With the qualitative approach, I aim to get close to the material and identify music teachers' strategies for assessment in accordance with the requirements of national equivalence.More than 600 music teachers contributed to the survey, representing around 50% of all final grades that are written each year in Swedish compulsory school music. The outcomes show that during the last decade an ongoing professionalization has taken place among music teachers. The findings also include knowledge about how impor- tant note taking is for equivalence and the problems music teachers have with physi- cal conditions for the teaching (such as group sizes and instrumentation). Also the gut felling, as a cultural tool, is observed in a particular way in the assessment work. Last, the picture of “music teachers as their own curriculum” is suggested to be revised. Since music teachers need to adjust to local conditions, and now have a greater knowledge and experience in the mechanism of grading equivalently, it is suggested that music teachers are forced to be their own curriculum.

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