Philosophie im Konjunktiv : Nichtidentität als Ort der Möglichkeit des Utopischen in der negativen Dialektik Theodor W. Adornos

Detta är en avhandling från Würzburg : Königshausen & Neumann

Sammanfattning: This study „Philosophie im Konjunktiv. Nichtidentität als Ort der Möglichkeit des Utopischen in der negativen Dialektik Theodor W. Adornos“ (Philosophy in the Subjunctive. Nonidentity as the Place for the Possibility of the Utopian in the Negative Dialectics of Theodor W. Adorno) is dealing with Adorno’s utopian thinking and asks on what it depends and on what it is founded. Moreover, the study asks the question wherein the possibility of fundamental societal change can be found and on what it can be founded. The author develops an answer to these questions with the concepts of the nonidentity and the nonidentical – central concepts of the Negative Dialectics -, which in the theory of Adorno constitute a place at which thinking and human beings are not fully absorbed by an integrated in philosophical and scientific systems or in the structure of society. Within the nonidentical the subsuming identities of philosophy and society are being broken open. Therefore,  the possibility of the utopian appears in this break of the identical. Here, the emancipation of the nonidentical could be realized: an emancipation, however, which is made possible in the nonidentical. The utopian thinking and the possibility of the utopian on the one hand and nonidentity and the nonidentical on the other hand are – this is the main claim of the study – indivisibly connected. In developing this answer the study also tries to solve a certain problem in the discussion to Adorno’s philosophy, namely the difficulty in connecting the critical dimensions of his thinking – directed against the tradition of philosophy (and science) and capitalist society -, which are dominating his work, with its utopian motives, through which he is calling for change in different ways. Finally, the author is interpreting that thinking, which with strain tries to force the realization of the utopian and to transcend reality from out of the place of nonidentity, as a subjunctive philosophy.

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