Cold atoms in a variety of optical lattice potentials

Författare: Robert Saers; Umeå Universitet; []

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Sammanfattning: In this thesis, both experimental achievements and theoretical preparatory investigationsfor future experiments are introduced. The experiments presentedare performed with the set-up used for laser cooling and trapping of rubidiumatoms, and the theoretical examinations are adopted for intended experimentson Bose-Einstein Condensates.A procedure for alignment of optical lattices with arbitrary geometry ispresented, with a accompanying description of the experimental apparatus ingeneral. The application of these lattices will be central in future measurementson cold atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensates. Using optical lattice structures,other than simple cubic, opens doors to investigations of diffusion, localization,and various quantum phenomena in novel periodic and quasi-periodic structures.The crossover from three-dimensional, to two- and one-dimensional systemshas been investigated with theoretical simulations. The feasibility of a trial experimentis demonstrated for an array of parallel one-dimensional systems, socalled Luttinger liquids. The experimental signatures for a two-dimensional superfluidand insulated one-dimensional systems are predicted, and will motivatefurther experimental studies in our laboratory, as well as an in others.