Idé och innovation

Sammanfattning: Present thesis is to deepen the current knowledge about the concept anddevelopment of ideas of innovators and the potential small businesses in ruralareas has to adopt innovation and new technology. The thesis is limited tostudying the process itself and the progression from concept and development ofideas for invention and innovation to market and customer.The research questions include: What motivates an inventor to innovate? Howto practice innovation in small companies? How are innovators approach toproblem solving? What opportunities exist for small businesses in rural areas toadopt innovations and new technologies?The thesis also discusses on the one hand innovators approaches to motivationand attitude and on the other hand, how ideas are selected and then developed inthe process and progression in the author via the invention to market andcustomer innovation. In the present thesis has been both quantitative andqualitative approach, based on behavioural research.Important conclusions from this thesis is: that the innovation process should bedeleted and recorded by the (basic) idea and author; innovator must remain in thedevelopment of ideas with complementary and alternative ideas, innovationprocess, the progression from idea to innovation should be based on a ʺbottom upʺperspective, where the patent law “previous user rights” supports innovatorsinvolvement in the process and progression

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