Filmbytare : videovåld, kulturell produktion & unga män

Sammanfattning: The focus of this thesis is Swedish Film Swappers, i.e. young men who swap video films that include graphically explicit depictions of violence, and their cultural practices. Inspired by action and horror films some Film Swappers have become cultural producers, either of amateur videos, or of fanzines, i.e. amateur writing by fans for other fans.The Film Swappers have been studied through the analytical lens of public spheres, taste and identity, and by the methods of media ethnography (including participant communication, ethnographic interviews and textual analysis of the films they watch and the cultural artifacts they produce). Five groups of fanzine producers and three groups of amateur video producers have been studied from late 1992 to 1996. The material consists of interviews, fanzines, video films (commercial as well as amateur productions), newspaper and magazine articles, radio programmes and field notes.Fanzines have been central to the communicative organisation of the Film Swappers, and have contributed to the development of a public structure for the exchange of films, and of information on where to get hold of them and to read more about them. Through communicative action, an alternative public sphere with its own forms of consumption, distribution and production has been formed. The debate on the value of different films and videos has also been used strategically by the Film Swappers for distinctive taste practices, and alternative film canons have been proposed. This communicative and strategic action has been of great importance in the construction of the young men's identity.