Waiting in real options with applications to real estate development valuation

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sammanfattning: In this thesis two dierent problems regarding real options are studied. The rst paper discusses the valuation of a timing option in an irreversible investment when the underlying model is incomplete. It is well known that in a complete model there is no nite optimal time at which to invest if the underlying asset, in our case the value of the developed project, does not pay out any strictly positive cash ows. In an incomplete model, the situation is dierent. Depending on the market price of risk in the model, there could be an optimal nite investment time even though the underlying asset does not pay out any strictly positive cash ows. Several examples of incomplete models are analyzed, and the value of the investment opportunity is calculated in each of them. The second paper concerns the valuation of random start American perpetual options. This type of perpetuate American option has the feature that it can not be exercised until a random time has occured. The reason for studying this type of option is that it provides a way of modelling the initiating of a project, e.g. the optimal time to build on a piece of land, which can not occur until a permit, or some other form of clearance, is given. The random time in the project application represents the time at which the permit is given. Two concrete examples of how to calculate the value of random start options is given.