Till-tal och an-svar : En konstruktion av pedagogisk hållning

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Pedagogiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to construct as philosophical conceptualization of pedagogical attitude. Founded on Martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue, the construction suggested in the study takes on a normative character, thus understanding pedagogical attitude as a matter of pedagogical creed. The author proposes a construction where existence is understood as a matter of Calling and Respons(e)ibility. Pedagogical attitude is thus understood in accordance with the notion of paying heed, responsibly responding and calling. As a consequence this conceptualization calls on the teacher to speak authentically, serve, embrace a loving leadership, provoke and dare to take risks.Within the concept of Calling and Respons(e)ibility, “calling” means addressing a particular other, whilst respons(e)ibility is a term chosen to make the concept connote to the response as well as the responsibility taken in relation to a particular calling. The concept of Calling and Respons(e)ibility is understood as closely connected to the religious concept of vocation, although recycled in a secularized meaning, thereby put forth as a matter of realizing the fate of the teacher, the student as well as the field/subject. The concept of Calling and Respons(e)ibility is in the study connected to the notions of “mothering”, obedience and adjustment as well as to the notions of responsibility, fidelity and being enterprising.Using a methodological approach of philosophical conceptualization suggested by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, the study sets out to reuse such old theological concepts as vocation, calling, paying heed and responding responsibly in new forms in a pedagogical context, thereby intending to discover, articulate and discern new aspects of that context. By conceptualizing pedagogical attitude on the basis of an existential, normative and relational perspective, using the notion of calling and respons(e)ability, the study aspires to contribute to the ongoing conversation concerning teacher-student-relationship.

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