Physical properties of coarse particles in till coupled to bedrock composition based on new 3D image analysis method

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH

Sammanfattning: The physical properties of the coarse fraction of the till (0.4 to 20 cm) and the surface boulders have been studied at two different sites in Sweden. The research work included: development of a new image analysis software for 3D size and shape measurements of particles; lithological analysis on multiple size fractions in till and magnetic susceptibility survey on coarse till clasts, surface boulders and local bedrock.The new 3D image analysis method provides an enormous amount of size and shape data for each particle in the coarse fraction (2 to 20 cm) in till. The method is suitable for field study, cost effective and the software is executable in Matlab. The field imaging method together with the image analysis software give non subjective results of size and shape of coarse particles and makes it feasible and easy to study representative sample size, which is one tonne for testing clasts of size up to 20 cm.The lithological analysis of the multiple size fraction of the till clasts has been investigated on six different size fractions of the till (0.4 to 20 cm); the result of the different samples from the two sites shows that this method can potentially be used as a stratigraphic tool in the areas where there is no unique indicator lithologies.The magnetic susceptibility has been made on the surface boulders, the 6-20 cm till fraction and on insitu bedrock outcrops near to the study sites. The method has good potential for determining stratigraphic relationships between different till units as well as for determining the provenance ofcoarse clasts and surface boulders.