I rösebyggares land en studie av Misterhults bronsålder

Detta är en avhandling från Linnéuniversitetet

Sammanfattning: In this work, I have mainly aimed to show how the results of previous field surveysin Misterhult parish, Småland province, Sweden have influenced past andcurrent research. Targeted surveys may in fact still change the picture radically.Our state of knowledge may also change through reviews of previous fieldworkand new excavations targeted at knowledge gaps. I have discussed Misterhult’sBronze Age and problems in that field. I have emphasised our current state ofknowledge and made a call for further fieldwork in the area. There is still muchto be done, and this study pinpoints what, in order to approach an answer towhat attracted people to the area 3000 years ago. Misterhult is one of NorthernEurope’s most extensive and best preserved Bronze Age settled landscapes, andconditions for research are good.In addition to surveys and the spatial site distribution, my focus has been on theunderlying economy, i.e. the economy behind the burial-cairn environments. Ihave tried to show that the economy was crucial to the design and ritualisationof those environments.