www.lektion.se -din kollega på nätet : En studie av lektionsförslag för skrivundervisning i skolämnet svenska

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to describe, analyseand understand which lesson plans teachers share with each other on the website www.lektion.seabout studentswriting. The website is open for all teachers andeveryonecan share their lessons with each other’s. The study is based on 31 lesson suggestions whichare intended for teacherswho teach inschool years1-9. The sampleofmy study is based on lesson plans with a pronounced idea of writing as a processThe thesis beginswith a review of the Literacy concepts, the writingdiscourse and the subject of Swedish.The analyses of the lesson plans indicate that the subject of Swedish mainly focuses on skills as correctly written text and good handwriting. Even if the instructions of the lesson plans clearly state that the actual content is important, the formalities and the correctness seem to be the real focus. Even if it says in the instructions that it is the content that matters, is it the correctness of the formalities that is pronounced in the instructions. Teachers says that they work with writing as a process but theydo it in a mechanical wayand the dialogue between the studentislimited to respons-giving instead of interaction in order todevelop the content ofthe texts. Most of the texts that thestudentsin both primary and secondary school are asked to write in my study arenarrative texts with descriptive elements.Mystudy indicates six findingsThe first tendency issubject of Swedish has an emphasis on writing as a skill. The second tendency is that writing isregardedasindependent work. The third tendency is about the types of texts thataremost common. The fourth tendency is that the writing process is looked upon as a method that follows strict rules. The fifth tendency shows that writing as a process is not so common among all the lesson plans which are published on the website. Thesixthtendency describes theuse of pencil and paper as the most common writing toolsin the lesson plans.