Industrial Application of Sulfur Concrete An Environment-friendly Construction Material

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Sammanfattning: Sulfur Concrete (SC) is a thermoplastic constructionmaterial, of mineral aggregates and modified sulfur as binder.Elemental sulfur has now a low smelting point (120oC) and appears in two solid allotropic forms,separated by considerable contraction. Hence, the need formodification to delay the transition. Two agents are nowavailable, the Chempruf modifyer (McBee), which retains thesulfur in the monoclinic phase, and the SRX (Vroom), which cutsthe crystalline chains of the orthorhombic phase into smallerpieces, and reduces the shrinkage. Sulfur Concrete (SC) isrecyclable by low-energy heating, with the aggregates beingfully recovered. It is mixed at 155oC and cast at more than 140oC.Sulfur has been produced from volcanic soils by thermalextraction, a method also applied in early combination withmammoth pumping from domes (H Frasch) along the Mexican Gulf.Today, sulfur is produced mainly as a by-product from fossilfuels (oil, gas) in a refinery process (C F Claus). Fromresource analysis, it becomes evident that the procedure mustsoon include mineral coal, which is by far the largest source.The main part (>90%) of sulfur is converted into sulfuricacid for industrial chemistry. The roasting of metal sulfides,in order to produce metals, and an immediate conversion tosulfuric acid of SO2remains a feasible way of production. The price ofsulfur has dropped since 1986 to 1999 by more than 50%, fromUSD 150 to 60 per metric ton.The sensitivity of Sulfur Concrete (SC) against moisture isa critical property, secured by gap-grading at the filler level- against other chemicals by systematic testing. SulfurConcrete (SC) is resistant to many harsh environments, butsensitive to strong acids, oxidizers, lyes and organicsolvents.A Swedish market has been conducted towards thechemical-related industries. The industry confirmed havingproblems with structural parts (including floors, columns,foundations and vessels) and would welcome an alternativematerial, such as Sulfur Concrete (SC) on the market. Theyprefer the traditional contractors to execute the job.Sulfur Concrete (SC) applies on six sectors, from industrialsector, road- and bridge, agriculture, railroad, marine towaste management.Keywords:Sulfur binder, Chempruf modifier, SulfurConcrete (SC), Durability, SC market survey, SC applications,Environment.

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