A framework for strategic alignment of business and information technology in small and medium sized firms

Sammanfattning: This work is based on my interest for strategic issues concerning information technology, industrial networks, and small and medium sized firms. My special interest in these areas has led me to study how information technology is utilized and aligned to different network exchanges. Furthermore, the work focuses on strategic alignment of such utilization of information technology towards business activities. The work basically consists of two parts:Part One:I have conducted two case studies in small and medium sized firms in the northern part of Sweden in the autumn of 2003. The case studies were aimed at finding key factors in inter-organizational relationships where information technology is utilized. The key factors are identified as different types of exchanges such as: social, business, and information exchange. Part Two:From studying these exchanges I have identified a set of keywords which comprise the use of information systems in inter-organizational relationships. The keywords are then used to create differentiated linkages between different properties of information systems and inter- organizational relationships. Following that I continue to the devel-opment of a strategic framework of alignment between business and technology. The framework is based on theoretical work in the area of strategic IS/IT management.

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