The Four-Quadrant Transducer System : for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Sammanfattning: In this thesis a hybrid electrical powertrain called the Four Quadrant Transducer (4QT) has been evaluated through different driving simulations, which later resulted in the manufacture of a prototype. The simulation of a 12 metric ton distribution truck showed that the 4QT system can reduce the fuel consumption by approximately 30 % during the FTP75 drive cycle. The reduction in fuel consumption is due to a more optimal control of the combustion engine and regenerative braking of the vehicle. The prototype 4QT has been down scaled from the distribution truck size used in the simulations to a size suitable for a medium sized passenger car. This was done to fit the test rig in the electric machine laboratory. The prototype was tested in the test bench to analyse performances such as efficiency, losses and thermal behaviour. These factors were investigated using both analytical models and the finite element method and later by measurements. The measured results were according to expectations.