Synthesis of Controllers from a Range of Controller Architectures

Sammanfattning: An algorithm specific digital signal processor is a powerful alternative to a general purpose signal processor for demanding specifications such as high throughput, low power, small size, etc. These properties are achieved as the processor architecture is tailored to the algorithm as opposed to the general purpose architecture which must suit a wide range of algorithms. The increased performance is traded for reduced flexibility of the final circuit and an increased design effort. Consequently powerful CAD-tools are needed to decrease the design effort. This thesis presents COMA, a CAD-tool for synthesis of controllers suitable for a wide range of digital signal processing algorithms and application fields. COMA synthesizes a complete controller with all modules and interconnection specifications. COMA has been developed with the intention of being used by an active designer where his knowledge, skills, and experience is best utilized. An automated synthesis process can be performed but is preferably refined to a competitive solution using designer interaction before a circuit is fabricated. The main reason for designing an algorithm specific digital signal processors is the possibility to use an architecture dedicated to the algorithm. Consequently, COMA supports arbitrary datapath architectures and does not impose any restrictions. This is crucial in order to fully exploit the advantages of an algorithm specific design. Results presented in this thesis and the discussion regarding controller architectures show that different controller architectures are suitable for different algorithms and different implementation techniques of the fabricated circuit. Thus, COMA can synthesize a range of controller architectures suitable for these different needs. This approach, I believe, is unique for COMA. Standard controller architectures have been modified to suit application specific digital signal processing design and new solutions have been developed. Using COMA complex algorithm specific digital signals processors for a wide range of applications can be designed with a considerable reduction in design effort compared to a hand made design.

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