Den svenska skolan och det mångkulturella : en paradox?

Sammanfattning: The preoccupation of the study revolves around relations hetwecn everyday life in Swedish schools and the multicuiturai context of Swedish society. Based on fieldwork, media debates, analysis ofpolicy documents, discussions with teachers as weil as teacher's educators, and interviews with principals working in the elementary schools of Malmö, the dissertation explores three analytical arenas; schools as (re)producers of values and norms, Ihe mullicullural school and finally Ihe localions of schools in lime and space.The aim of the discussion conceming relations between the functions ofeducation in modem societies, and migration related issues and aspects ofmulticulturalism, is to highlight paradoxes in the mle of schoois. The policy documents specify certain goals of education, which are paradoxicallv caught between the ideals of a traditional understanding of modem ity and consequences of migration and globalisation.Schools and education in general, have a pivotal mle in Swedish society, not merely as mediators of knowledge, but also as (re)producers of systems of values and norms. These values and norms constitute what is acceptable in society. The scope for 'othemess' is restricted but also negotiable and changeable. Va lues and norms in the context of schools are often considered to be self-evident and are therefore not up for discussions or debates in everyday work ofteachers and principals. Some ofthese vaJues are so weil integrated in a 'common sense', that they be come invisibleand unconscious, The ambition of the dissertation is to make them visible - to formulate and analyse them - to make a further discussion possible.The study concJudes that the concept of critical multiculturalism could be useable for highlighting ideological aspecls andparadoxes of the school in Sweden today, The mle ofeducation should be discussed in the light ofrelations between individuals and groups in society, and with self-understanding as weil as, self-criticism as key aspects.

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