Samtal för arbete : Kommunikativa verksamheter i kommunala ungdomsprojekt

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköpings universitet

Sammanfattning: This thesis is an ethnographic exploration of young unemployed people's encounters with three municipal youth projects in Sweden. The overall aim of the study, is to investigate the communicativeactivities and institutional practices that make up the daily life routines in the youth projects. The data were collected through ethnographic fieldwork in three municipal youth projects, along with taperecordingsof different types of communicative activities, including social guidance talks, lectures, group discussions and simulated job-interviews. The analyses draw upon the concept of communicative activity (kommunikativ verksamhet) and focus such issues as frarning/defmition of situation, communicative goals, activity roles, social identity and footing. Examination of these activities reveals howthe young people, the project leaders as well as the counsellors deal with different social and communicative dilemmas. The analyses attend questions of how different types of communicative activitiesfunction as practices of a socialization process that aims to change the young people's attitudes toward work and education, and daily habits by offering as well as training desirable social identities, such as a"good employee", "active and competent job-seeker", "student", or "active democratic citizen". At the same time, the analyses highlight the young people's strategies for resisting these organizational goals.Participants do not sustain a unified defmition of the situation and activities involve complexities and hybridities on several levels. It is argued that a dynamic conception of joint construction of meaning,frames and institutional practice, is particularly applicable to complex communicative activities, such as those taking place within the youth projects. This approach also cast doubts on assumptions that ascribe fixed situational definitions and activity roles to what we do in, and across, interactional encounters.

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