Informatisk forskning om riskanalysprocess applicerad på Apoteket AB:s kundcenterverksamhet

Sammanfattning: English summary This licentiate paper describes a study of how the introduction of Customer Care Centres into The Corporation of Swedish Pharmacies affects its work on risk analysis. The two Customer Care Centres in operation today function as central nodes to which calls are connected that before were usually answered by one of the country’s 900 pharmacies. In addition the Customer Care Centres can offer extra channels of communication such as fax, e-mail and the Internet via The Corporation of Swedish Pharmacies’ home page, to increase access for customers and other interested parties as well as to meet the demand for different ways of obtaining information in today’s information age. The integration with The Corporation of Swedish Pharmacies’ other systems offers a rapid answering service and allows customers to accomplish the greater part of their errands themselves. What is easily overlooked, however, is how information security is affected by the introduction of Customer Care Centres and the accompanying integration and especially the dangers and risks that threaten the organisation and indirectly even the customers. A valuable tool that is used in information security, to try to foresee as well as to narrow down as many of the threats as possible, is risk analysis. Today one has begun to see an increased awareness in the general public of the risks and threats related to, amongst other things, the Internet regarding its use by both individuals and commercial and other organisations. As a result firms and organisations have realized the importance of pursuing an active security policy in order to provide an appropriate level of security. It is very important that customers have the same confidence in the firm’s or organisation’s trademark as before, irrespective of organisational or technological changes that have taken place internally. An important part of the process to achieve this, is risk analysis and the results it produces. In this study we have drawn attention to the need of adapting the risk analysis, used in the organisation, to the new Customer Care Centres. This need is great, especially since the communication channels are of different kinds. This results in their respective threats being different. Therefore this broad spectrum of threats must be highlighted in risk analysis and the work with it. Developments in the surrounding environment should also be reflected in risk analysis which accordingly needs to be dynamic. In this study we have attached great importance to the placing of risk analysis in a holistic context.

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