En gåtfull verklighet : att förstå hur gravt utvecklingsstörda upplever sin värld

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Carlsson

Sammanfattning: This dissertation is a qualitative study which is based upon interviews with parents and caretakers of profoundly mentally disabled people.Firstly, the dissertation analyzes the subjects' evaluation of the quality of life of the mentally disabled person. The analysis focuses upon how the intellectual disability affects thinking, emotional life and relationships. The question of the mentally disabled person's well-being is in focus here.Secondly, it is shown how people in close relationships to the mentally disabled person obtain knowledge about the person's inner life through communication with him or her and through interpreting his or her behavior and body expressions.Thirdly, the dissertation investigates how some influential theories on quality of life can contribute to an understanding of profoundly mentally disabled peoples' well-being.The dissertation concludes with a reflection upon the disabled persons' dignity.

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