Situationen på den svenska arbetsmarknaden för personer med funktionsnedsättning : en sekundäranalys om sysselsättning, yrkesnivå, diskriminering, stöd och anpassning för personer med olika typer av funktionsnedsättning

Sammanfattning: The overall aim of this thesis is to explore how the labour market situation appears to persons with different types of disabilities in Sweden. Study I (n=4 359) examined the importance of the person’s type of disability for the possibility of having a job. Study II (n=3 396) examined whether there were differences in occupational attainment between persons with different types of disabilities and between persons with and without a disability (n=19 004). Study III (n=4 359) examined perceived discrimination in the workplace among persons with different types of disabilities. Study IV (n=2 268) examined whatsupport and adaptation persons with different types of disabilities need in their actual workplace or to enter the labour market. In studies I–III the respondents were divided into six disability types, and in study IV the respondents were divided into four disability types.Overall, it can be concluded that a person’s type of disability is of importance for the situation in the labour market, where persons with psychological disabilities encounter barriers to a greater extent than other groups, both difficulties at the present workplace and difficulties entering the labour market. Further, they were subjected to discrimination and they expressed a great need for adaptations to acquire employment and at their actual workplace. It can also be concluded that there are discriminatory mechanisms against women, who have more difficulties than men in acquiring employment, and that men, despite lower education, can more easily progress in the labour market. It is suggested that, in order to achieve inclusion and recognition, factors in the environment, such as existing support systems, need to be changed and developed, and social prejudices vis-à-vis people with disabilities must also be addressed.

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