Utifrån sett - Inifrån upplevt Några unga kvinnor som kom till Sverige i tonåren och deras möte med den svenska skolan

Detta är en avhandling från Lärarutbildningen, Malmö högskola

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this thesis is to describe and analyse some foreign women s perspectives on their first meeting with the Swedish school and to identify and illuminate patterns and processes on different levels that facilitate respectively obstruct the development of their school careers. The women arrived in Sweden in their teens and attended Swedish upper secondary school, completed their education with good results, applied for and were enrolled as students at University. The women s descriptions are studied as individual interpetations. Description and analysis are based on symbolic interactionalism, based on the concepts interaction, empathy, self- image, confirmation and congruousness/ incongruousness. Also conceptions focusing on schooling are required. These conceptions are connected to the symbolic interactionalistic perspective and to Code theory by Bernstein. Conceptions used are career turning points, integration and inclusion, motivation, framing, and visible and invisible pedagogy. The school years and school careers have been affected by, and are thus related to, migration. The descriptions are analysed within the dimensions of ethnical background, gender and class. The material consists of thematically structured in-depth interviews with twelve women. The interviews were subsequently constructed as case-studies. Interactive patterns on structural, institutional and individual levels were identified in the analyse. And in an adjustment process were three conceptions identified; teachers confirmation, modified adjustment and motivation. .They describe central conditions that contribute to the creation of the women s successful school careers. Although the women s school careers have been successful, their way through the school system has, for most of them, been problematic. Not only the Swedish language but also the pedagogy made it harder for the women to carry out their school careers. Analysis points towards the fact that the school as an institution, with the unvisible pedagogy of classroom work with different working methods and relationships than the women have been used to, obstructed the women s school career.

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