Kristi kropp och Guds folk : En undersökning av ecklesiologin i Svenska kyrkans huvudgudstjänster 1942-2000

Detta är en avhandling från Skellefteå : Artos

Sammanfattning: This is a study of the ecclesiology of the services in the Church of Sweden Sunday services, and a comparison of the worship according to the service book of 1942 and the 1986 service book. The texts of these manuals are analysed, as are also the services as shown in two different inquires put to parish priests in 1965 and to parish groups in 1997. The  texts of the manuals are analysed as to the ecclesiological content of prayers, songs and dialogues. The two inquires give answers about the way the services as a whole were conducted and what the praxis of the worship tells about the ecclesiology.The author puts herself in the tradition of liturgical theology, regarding the service as the source of theology, and in this case especially of ecclesiology. What sort of ecclesiology will the worshipping congregation experience from those services, by the used texts and by the praxis of the service?The dissertation takes its starting point in the biblical images of Church, Body of Christ and People of God. Which of those is the most common in the liturgy, and what is the possible impact of the image used on the ecclesiology of the service? The images can stand for several ways of understanding Church. In order to discover which these are, a tool for the analysis is constructed, with the help of which a number of ecclesiological motifs are identified as either universalistic or particularistic. In the praxis-chapter the grade of and different views on active participation is also regarded.The investigation shows great possible differences between the two service books and the services as described in 1965 and 1997. The former service is hierarchically constructed, with the priest as teacher and "giver" of the Word, and emphasis is on penance and true faith as the condition for the after-life. The later service shows more participation of the lay people, emphasis is on this life and the responsibility of Christians to care for the created world

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