Laddade bilder : Representation och meningsskapande i unga tjejers filmberättande

Sammanfattning: The overall aim of this dissertation is to investigate how students engage with visual representations as a signifying practice in an educational context. This question is scrutinized through two young girls’ three video films and interviews with the producers. The study is guided by an interest in what these young students communicate with their films, how this is done and how they relate to the cultural and social world in their representation. The title, Ambiguous Images, alludes to the signifying work with film, images and words done by the two girls. The films raise topics such as sexuality, equality and gender which set their mark on the situation of young females, both in school and in their leisure time. The result shows that moving images fulfil the function of negotiating the significations as well as making it possible for the girls to create their own alternative representations. Each film contributes an alternative discourse, in contrast to dominant texts that apply to the constitution of the cultural and social context they address. The study demonstrates that learning is a process of selection, adaptation and transformation motivated by the interests of the pupils and the context of learning. Other important issues are also raised concerning the students’ possibilities to participate in and influence the school subject in question. This involves both the opportunity of engagement with a multiplicity of modes and the possibility to adopt their own voice and view of the world. Both the methodological and the theoretical approach in the dissertation have multimodal and social-semiotic perspectives, which are combined with a design approach. These combinations are united in a presentation of representation and communication as a social process of sign-making.