On analytical modeling and design of a novel transverse flux generator for offshore wind turbines

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH

Sammanfattning: The object of this thesis is to develop a cost effective direct-driven wind generator suited for offshore wind turbines. As the generator price is a complicated function dependent on many parameters, the emphasis is mainly put on reduction of the weight of active materials, such as copper, laminated steel, permanent magnets, and electrical insulation. The higher specific torque and power density of a transverse flux permanent magnet (TFPM) machine in comparison to conventional radial-flux machines make it a promising solution for direct-driven wind turbine generators. The novel TFPM generator investigated in this work due to its possibly more compact construction would allow a better utilization of the available nacelle space. The analytical model, including evaluation of the synchronous inductance, is developed and applied in parametric study of a 5 MW wind turbine generator. The influence of the design variables with respect to the analyzed characteristics is investigated. A number of machines that have approximately the same performances are found. These machines are compared and the optimal ranges for the main parameters are suggested. One possible design topology is presented in more details with dimensions and main characteristics. This generator is compared with radial-flux generators with surface-mounted and tangentially-polarized magnets. It is found that the analyzed TFPM generator would favor a smaller outer diameter, reduced total active weight, and reduced weight of the magnet material. The TFPM would however require a longer axial length. TFPM generators with a broader range of output power have also been investigated. Generators rated 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12 MW are analyzed and their characteristics with respect to the output power are compared. The novel transverse flux topology has been found to be promising for low-speed hightorque applications, such as direct-driven wind turbines in the multi-megawatt range.