Omständigheter på ett kärnkraftverk, organisering av risk och institutionalisering av säkerhet

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Sammanfattning: Risk societies are made of risk organizations. This dissertation is an ethnographic study of a risk organization, of a nuclear power plant. Risk organizations have larger demands on their organization than traditional companies have. Risk societies, to come or already present, have new political agendas. Within a risk society the major task is to reduce and distribute the negative side effects of industrial production, not to increase and distribute well-fare in society, as it has been in an industrial society. This is a study of a risk organization claimed to produce these negative side effects. The title Circumstances in a nuclear power plant, organization of risk and institutionalization of safety relates to specific occasions in the organization. The branch concept, circumstances, defines ‘situations beyond normal performance’, which are to be reported to the nuclear authorities. These circumstances are rarely endangering men or material, but given the nature of nuclear power production, they have a potential to escalate to something larger. This dissertation focuses on how the organization deals with these issues and reproduces safety as something taken-for-granted. The material is gathered using participant observation of different functions in the plant. The work is based on narration of situations, meetings, interviews, and small talk, e t c, in every-day-interaction. The dissertation describes how business-as-usual produce safety. It is a description of how values, norms, attitudes, ideas, knowledge are produced and reproduced. These issues are discussed mainly in an institutional theory perspective. What has become apparent is that functions governed by routines and instructions tend to be more flexible and reflecting than those dealing with new tasks, such as problem solving projects. Thus, these new projects tend to reproduce earlier established procedures. Through the narration of the various functions of the plant joined with theoretical discussions, different themes have been found describing how the organization deals with difficulties and how it reproduces it normal practice. The themes are gathered under safety is a fine art. Legitimization of the organization was related to the plant’s capacity to present an articulated rationality, while safety was in large produced by tacit knowledge.

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