Undervisningens möjligheter att förändra elevernas tänkande inom området aids och sex

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Sammanfattning: How can schools influence the viewpoints students hold on aids and sex? The investigation focused on teaching the subject of aids and sex to secondary school students in grades eight through eleven. Thirteen teachers and their students, in 15 different classes, were studied and compared with a control group; altogether 548 students were included in the investigation. The aim of the study was to determine whether or not the aids- sex education achieved the desired effect, and, if it did, to ascertain what aspects of the teaching actually influenced the students. How teaching could be studied over time is also elucidated. A contextual and expanding analysis showed how a modified teaching approach can lead to changes in how students conceive the subject of aids and sex. The main results of the study reveal how in-depth teaching within a nondualistic context of understanding teaching and learning can promote a process of change and influence the way students appraise their own actions. The most important elements observed concern the role of the individual teacher, the importance of relating central issues to specific situations, and the need for emotional intercommunication in education.

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