Lastningssystem i brytningsfront för kontinuerliga bergflöden under jord

Sammanfattning: There is a demand in mining for more investments in continuous loading methods in order to achieve higher productivity and lower costs. The creation of a better environment is another major goal which could be attained by using remote or automatic control of the continuously working machines. The loading and transportation of ore is an important part of underground mining. After blasting the ore must usually be moved to a chute connected with the main level where it is transported by train or truck to crusher and hoist. This thesis deals with the first link in this chain, i.e. loading and transportation of ore from the face to the chute in hard rock conditions (in Sweden). The blasted ore is relatively coarse and hard to handle in a continuous process. The development so far has there-fore been directed towards the later steps of the process where the ore has been crushed to a more convenient size. Today there are many applications of this, e.g. conveying and hoisting of crushed ore. At present there is no continuous technique for loading and transportation of ore from the face. This thesis presents a new technique for continuous loading and transportation of ore from the face underground, which has technical, economical and environmental potential in the future mine using remote or automatic control. The new technique consists of a developed digging arm loader together with a belt conveyor. The technique has been chosen comprehensively using systematics for evaluation, model tests with theory formation, specification of technical and environmental demands and projection of the new technique in a production system including a technical and economical systems analysis. The thesis shows that the system digging arm loader - belt conveyor has good possibilities to meet the technical and environmental demands. Economically the continuous system is better than the LHD in sublevel caving but not as good as the LHD used in the "continuous" lay-out. The digging arm loader - belt conveyor system has a good potential for future remote or automatic control.