Navigating in the landscape of ambiguity: A stakeholder approach to the governance and management of hybrid organisations

Detta är en avhandling från Lund Institute of Economic Research, School of Economics and Management, Lund University

Sammanfattning: During the last decades the influence of New Public Management and the “marketisation” of public services, have given us organisations in the public sector that fit neither the mould of what constitutes public sector organisations nor that of private companies. Instead, we now have so-called hybrid organisations. These have become an attractive alternative to the more “bureaucratic” public agencies. However, the introduction of market-like organisations for the production of public services has been subjected to criticism and raises questions regarding governance and management. In this book, I use a stakeholder approach in order to analyse the heterogeneous character of hybrid organisations, the ambiguity of the context and the challenges this imposes on the governance and management of hybrid organisations and how owners, directors on the board and managing directors respond to these challenges. This is done by analysing three municipally owned limited companies in Sweden. I have discovered that, due to the heterogeneous character of hybrid organisations, stakeholders have ambiguous roles, demands and expectations. This is what generates the ambiguous context and imposes challenges on governance as well as management. My findings show that these challenges are best handled by the managing director through balancing and responding to the interests of stakeholders. To do this, the managing director needs to be able to constantly adapt the organisation to match the demands and expectations of the stakeholders and to create a fit between external demands and internal operations.

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