Patients´ experiences of mood while waiting for day surgery

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Sammanfattning: Preoperative psychological state is a major issue in day surgery; especially as patients have a short hospital stay. Except for preoperative anxiety, knowledge is sparse about how patients’ experience mood during waiting for day surgery.The overall aim of this thesis was to describe preoperative moods, persons’ experiences of preoperative mood, and the experiences persons´ describe as having an influence on their preoperative waiting.In study І, mixed methods were used. Data from 163 participants were collected through a study-specific questionnaire. In study ІІ, a qualitative method was used. Data from 20 participants were collected through semi-structured interviews. All participants (n=183) were waiting for small or medium surgery within four different specialties’ (I, II). Data were analysed with descriptive statistics and thematic content analysis (І) and inductive content analysis (ІІ).The main finding was that preoperative patients experience a variety of moods, besides anxiety patients may experience a positive mood. Moodinfluencing factors while waiting for day surgery were found. Patients may experience a shifting mood or to not feel calm, while other patients may feel calm, and experience a harmonious mood. Nearly half of the participants felt calm before surgery, as seventy persons (43 %) stated that they felt calm, whereas 91 persons (57%) stated that they did not feel calm (І). Previous negative experiences from health care were confirmed as a trigger for anxiety. Earlier positive experiences, feelings of trust and expectations contribute to a harmonious mood and to feel calm. Regard-less of mood, patients´ experienced feeling hope about regaining health as a help to balance mood (I-II).The findings contribute to knowledge about different preoperative moods and may have implications in improving preoperative care with support strategies that benefits patients’ during waiting for day surgery regardless of psychological state

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