Inorganic and Metal-Organic Framework Materials : Synthesis and structure characterization

Sammanfattning: Inorganic and metal-organic framework materials possessing accessible and permanent pores are receiving tremendous attention. Among them, zeolites are the most famous class due to their wide applications on petrochemistry and gas separation. Besides zeolites, the other oxide framework materials are also intensively investigated because of their diverse structures and compositions. Metal-organic frameworks are built from metal clusters and organic linkers. By rational designing the reagent, the network with desired topology and functionality can be synthesized.For all of the framework materials mentioned above, to explore novel framework structures is important for improving properties and discovering new applications. This thesis includes the synthesis of zeolites and structure characterization for various types of inorganic framework materials. The zeolite synthesis conditions was exploited. With the optimized condition, the zeolite ITQ-33 was synthesized as single crystals. From the single crystal X-ray diffraction data, the disorder in the structure is discovered and explained. Following the topic of disorder and twinning, we proposed a novel method of solving structure of pseudo-merohedric twinning crystal by using an example of a metal-organic complex crystal. Then we also showed methods for solving structures of high complexity and nano-crystal by using mainly powder X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. Four examples were shown in chapter 4 including open-framework germanates and metal-organic frameworks.